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The first formal meet of Navodayans in Bengaluru is scheduled for 22nd May 2016. Alumni of navodaya Vidyalayas across the country, residing in Bengaluru are invited to be part of the Meeting.

Agenda of the meet:

The meeting is scheduled to start at 8 AM with Registration and is to go on till 4 PM . It would also involve cultural activities. Detailed agenda can be seen at here

Preparation for the meet

An event of this size needs lot of preparation and planing The process of planning, though tedious is fun too.Have a glimpse of what went on during planning process:

Lot more to come.....keep watching this site.....

If you are a Navodayan (irrespective of your Parent Navodaya school branch ) and are staying in Bengaluru, please register yourself with us and for any assitance feel free to contact the coordinators through their contact details or through their personalized contact form. We would be glad to be of help.

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