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We, the Navodayans, belong to that set of students, in whom the nation has invested a lot, to create citizens, who value the values in life and love the country.

We have been molded by our teachers, groomed by our parents to add value to our surroundings. Hence when we grew up, we find it to be our duty to give back to our society. To take such initiatives, we have grouped together and formed a platform to take the steps, which would not only help the society but would carve a niche for ourselves too.

Social Initiatives

initiatives coming soon .......

Keep watching this space for updates soon


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If you are a Navodayan (irrespective of your Parent Navodaya school branch ) and are staying in Bengaluru, please register yourself with us and for any assitance feel free to contact the coordinators through their contact details or through their personalized contact form. We would be glad to be of help.

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